Don’t Miss Your Local Fall Festivals!

I feel it is safe to say, no matter where you live in America, you are probably able to find some sort of local fall festival.  You may not live near apple orchards or pumpkin patches, but you likely have at least one event to celebrate the harvest.  We happened across one of our local festivals by complete accident!  I saw an ad two days before in the Momaha, a local Omaha magazine our daughter brings home from school.

Apple Jack Festival -

My advice:


I have yet to attend a fall festival that I regretted.  In Virginia, I drove 3 hours to go to my nearest, decent sized apple orchard and the State Fair happened to be along the way.  I picked apples (and many other fruits) on a regular basis in Newport, Rhode Island.  Here in Nebraska, I am lucky to be in America’s heartland, amidst acres and acres of rolling farms.  It is hard to turn around without running into a cornfield or an apple orchard.  We don’t buy apples at the grocery store right now, instead we stop at the local orchard on our way home to buy a few pounds.  I hope we are able to do the same with other fruits and berries in the spring and summer.

Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard - twokidsandamap

There isn’t much you need to know before you go U-Picking:

  • It helps to have a water bottle handy.
  • If you are picking somewhere that will let you, I recommend you bring your own bags for the sake of being eco friendly (make sure it is a light bag so you are not paying for the extra weight when they weigh it).
  • Most local businesses would prefer cash (some ONLY take cash) so they don’t have to pay ridiculous credit fees.  We always try to have a few 20s with us when we go.
  • Apple picking (or anything else for that matter) really doesn’t take very long.  You park, usually check in at the main office, pick your fruit (10 minutes…or a little more if you are walking through a big orchard), weigh your pickings back at the office, and go.  Of course, if you go somewhere like Kimmel Orchard (see more below), you will be spending a bit more time there).

Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard -

Festivals are the same:

  • Bring some water, a stroller for little ones, and some extra cash.
  • Decide to go in advance so you can time your day well.  We attended the Apple Jack Festival in Nebraska City, Nebraska this morning and it began at 8:00am.  It was a 40 minute drive, but we still left early enough to arrive before 9 and I am SO glad we did.  We beat the traffic, beat the lines, and had a wonderful leisurely walk through the orchard.  Our group of 9, comprised of two families, had a blast.

Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard -

If you are anywhere near Nebraska City, NE around this time of year, I HIGHLY recommend you attend the Apple Jack Festival.  It is celebrated in the entire city, as well as most of the local outlying orchards and several farms.  All things apple appear around every corner.  Be prepared to eat apple donuts galore, drink apple cider until you burst, and enjoy hayrack rides, pony rides, and at Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard, an obstacle course to keep the kids entertained!

Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard -

Kimmel is great year round, not just during the festival.  They boast 40+acres of U-Pick property including strawberries, peaches, pears, apples, pumpkins and more!  The shop is enormous and filled with homemade goodies to buy.  My friend, from Brendid, and I even took part in a tasting of Kimmel’s dozen or so wines made with grapes grown on their property.  No, we didn’t try ALL of them! 🙂

Wine Tasting at Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard -

The Orchard also shares it’s property with the Kimmel Education and Research Center, a University of Nebraska Partner focused on agriculture and natural resources.  I truly could go on and on.

Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard -

We had such a fantastic experience at Kimmel Orchard and I cannot wait to return.  It was well staffed, with over 100 volunteers from a University of Nebraska fraternity and sorority.  The orchard is clearly no stranger to this event and they knew exactly how to set up to make things run smoothly for their thousands of visitors.  We will definitely be attending the Apple Jack Festival every year and Kimmel will certainly be a place we bring many of our friends who regularly come to visit us from all over the world.

Kimmel Orchard and Vineyard -

Aren’t our children just lovely???

If you haven’t attended a fall festival yet, you are missing out!  It isn’t too late this year…go read your local paper, magazines, or blogs and find out what is happening near you!



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    I haven’t been apple picking since I was a kid. I’ve heard the orchards around here are terrific to visit and very friendly. Perhaps when this rain stops I’ll go and make an afternoon of it. Thanks for the tips!

    • 2

      I definitely recommend you do! For our quick, weekly stops, we go to Trees, Shrubs and More off Cornhusker. Nothing fancy, it’s part of a landscaping store, but great, fresh apples!