Breckenridge Brewery Tour – Littleton, Colorado

“I know what that does. I have been on tons of brewery tours,” said my 11 year old son.

I wasn’t sure if I should be embarrassed or proud at that moment. Luckily for me, I was among beer lovers so my face turned red with a hint of embarrassment while everyone around us giggled at my son’s comment.

Breck Brewery

Breceknridge Brewery has recently opened an operation in Littleton, Colorado. We had family in town for the week and we decided that was a perfect time to take the tour. We had a fascinating tour guide who told us how the brewery got its humble beginning from beer growlers left on the front porch by neighbors waiting for them to be filled with beer to the operation that they have now. The tour took us through the different stages of beer making. My favorite part was seeing the offices where the beer production calendar could be seen through the window that looked onto the floor.

Before you start your tour, you can get a glass of beer poured to carry with you. After the tour, you head back to the tasting room to try four different beers available. While on the tour, you learn about some of the tour guide and local favorites but, unfortunately, they aren’t all available for tasting. The tour lasted approximately an hour. Our party ranged from 9 to 60 years old and everybody was captivated throughout the tour. My kids loved the science aspect of it.

Breck Brewery

After our tour, we walked over to the Farmhouse restaurant where we had reservations for lunch. The seasonal sweet bread appetizer was pumpkin and it was delicious. My Ranch Grilled Chicken sandwich with the roast Colorado chile cream cheese was fantastic. The Farmhouse is difficult to get into without reservations. You can try, but you will likely be waiting.

Breck Brewery

Tips for visiting the Breckenridge Brewery

Make reservations for the tour. You have to pay $3 for drinkers and non-drinkers are not charged but all must have a reservation to save a space.

Make reservations for the Farmhouse restaurant after. This will ensure that you won’t have to wait too long. It was recommended that we make our reservation for 1.5 hours after the tour and we walked right in and were seated right away.