Summertime…long, lazy days spent basking in the sun, hiking, and exploring…

Maxwell Falls

I am so thankful that we are here now.

I know that talking about where I have been as a blogger is one of those things that other bloggers say not to do, but I am going to do it anyway. For the past six months, I have been chugging along with life and learning to be content.

I haven’t been completely silent. I have become a monthly contributor to Mile High Mamas where I share family travel posts and my love for all things library. For the most part though, my job as a teacher librarian and my family duties have kept me quiet here.

Summertime has given me the space to get my creativity back and share some of our adventures, tips, and tricks. As I have always said, adventures can happen in your own town. You don’t have to take big trips and we are going to prove that with our Colorado adventures this summer.

Coming up – our favorite hiking spots near Denver, a girl’s weekend to Chicago, and more. Where are you headed this summer?