Keeping up with Events in Nearby Towns

We live in a suburb south of Denver that offers pretty much all that we need. If we didn’t want to, we would never have to leave our area. Our sense of adventure is too strong for that though and we love finding out what other areas nearby have to offer, especially during the holidays. When we got the opportunity to visit Parker, a town on the southeast side of Denver, we said yes. We have friends who live in the Parker area and they talk about how great the Main Street is but we have never been. Parker was inviting bloggers to come check out what they have to offer.


Our morning started with breakfast at Rory’s Diner. This diner seats about twenty people (I am guessing that number but it was a tiny little space!) and is worth the wait you might encounter. We have a favorite breakfast place in just about every city we have visited and Rory’s Diner is at the top of the list. I would make the 30 minute drive to Parker just for the breakfast burrito.


All of their baked goods and most other items are made in house. The Belgian Waffles were deliciously fluffy and the homemade cinnamon roll was huge. My husband and I both ordered the breakfast burrito. It had just the right kick.


After breakfast, we headed to Main Street and wandered the shops. We walked all the way down to the new library that recently opened. What a space! There is a recording studio, cool and comfy chairs all over, and more. This librarian was super impressed with the space. We saw little shops, restaurants, and a cupcake shop. Unfortunately, we were stuffed from our breakfast so we skipped the cupcakes but we will need to go back soon! We stopped in at Parker Panache, where they provided a $50 gift certificate to check out their wares. The store is small but it was stocked full of beautiful items. We loved the Christmas decorations. The boot socks, shirts, and jewelry were what caught my eye. I ended up going home with a Brighton piece picked out by my daughter. I have a feeling I will need to go back to find a piece of my own.


After shopping around, it was time for the Carriage Parade to start. This charming parade had horse drawn carriages, local high school bands and more. All up and down the street, the businesses were giving away hot chocolate and cookies. It reminded me of what it was like to visit our Main Street in Pensacola every year for the Christmas parade.


As we were wandering around, I wondered why we hadn’t checked out Main Street Parker and it got me thinking about how to find out what is going on around your area.

Follow the tourism board on Facebook. In this case, it is Town of Parker, Colorado. When we got home, I hopped on Facebook and followed all of the pages of surrounding towns.

Check out the local Chamber of Commerce page. This page sometimes offers details of upcoming events.

Follow the pages of the major activities in the town. For example, Parker offers the Pace Cultural Center, which offers shows, art exhibits, and more. Both their website and Facebook page are updated regularly with upcoming events.

Lastly, get out there! It is so easy to get stuck in a rut and do the same things day in and day out. Adventures don’t have to be to far flung spots in other states or countries. Your family can experience adventure just a few minutes away from your house.