Schloss Neuschwanstein

On the day after Christmas, we traveled about an hour away to Schloss Neuschwanstein. This is the beautiful castle that Walt Disney patterned his famous castle after. Ludwig the II had this castle built and it was never finished. The tour inside the castle is about 20 minutes. Once you park and walk to the ticket center, you will be in line for awhile. The tickets are 9 Euros and children under 18 are free. There are three ways to get up to the castle. The first is to hoof it. It takes anywhere from 20m to an hour depending on how athletic you are and how many kids you are traveling with! The second way is by bus and the third is by squeezing into a horse drawn carriage with the other tourists.

After standing in line for about twenty minutes, we got up to the ticket desk and saw a sign that the buses where not running. It was -6C out on this day and we were freezing. My husband was even cold and he never complains about the weather! We decided the weather was too much for the kids. We snapped a few great pictures, wandered through the tourist stores and put Neuschwanstein back on our list of places to visit this summer when we come back. I won’t mind walking up to the castle in the summertime…I kind of like to feel my toes!

Merry Christmas!

We are spending Christmas in Germany! What a fantastic place to spend Christmas! It is everywhere you look! One of the best parts about Europe at Christmas is the amazing Christmas markets. I think that we have been to seven of them now! You can find just about anything at these Christmas markets. My favorite one so far has been in Salzburg, Austria. It was absolutely humongous!

The drink of choice is Gluhwein (pronounce Glue-vine). This is an extremely strong alcoholic drink…kind of like mulled wine, only stronger. I could only try a sip! Pretzels, cookies, candies, and bratwurst can be found on every corner. Handcrafted ornaments, smokers, nutcrackers, nativities, and soaps are everywhere. Even if you are feeling like a Grinch, the Christmas markets can put you in a great mood.

The kids got a little crazy at the markets because there is so much to do and look at. Be prepared to purchase some treats because staring at them in the case is just too torturous! When one of the kids started acting up, we just pulled them to the side to calm down until they were ready to keep walking.

The Christmas markets are most beautiful at night when they are all lit up. This is also when it is the most crowded. If you are on your own, I recommend attending the market at night. Most of the larger markets open at 9 or 10am. If you are going to the market with your children, this is the best time to drop by. The crowds are light so you don’t feel like you are constantly running around looking for your children!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season!

Wordless Wednesday

Day Two–Garmisch, Germany

We got to break in all of our new snow jackets and mittens and such…it is FREEZING here! Quite different from the 78 degree weather we left at home! Sera is not a fan of the snow jacket, but she loves the mittens and pink hat. Seth hates his jacket but wore it when we forced him to. We walked around downtown Garmisch for a bit today. We were so surprised at how many people were out on this dreary, slushy day. If it looked like this at home, the only place you find someone would be in the mall or Target!

Kind of reminds me of “A Christmas Story”

We took a walk through a very small Christmas market where the kids rode a little merry-go-round. I was amazed to see so many buildings painted with beautiful murals. Some were absolutely huge.

The kids found this statue of a boar in front of a bank and had to take their picture with it.You know I take too many pictures when my kids actually ask for a pic!

A view of one of the streets on the fussgangerzone

Tomorrow we head to Vienna, Austria!

We have arrived! Photo Friday!

Greetings from Garmisch, Germany! Our day started off on the WRONG foot. We arrived at the airport on time but it was too “froggy”, as my son would say, outside for the planes to land. The plane that we were supposed to take hadn’t even landed yet! Fortunately, when we bought the cheap plane tickets on, we saved several hundred dollars by giving ourselves a 5.5 hour layover in Atlanta. Luckily that meant that we did not have to worry about our connection flights like the rest of the airport. We had an uneventful 45 minute flight to Atlanta. The kids were great and we didn’t even have to break out any of the exciting toys yet!

Here is my husband and son playing Nintendo DS while we waited…and waited…and waited…

When we arrived in Atlanta, we grabbed some lunch and headed to our gate. We charged up the Nintendo DS and let the kids run around and expell some energy. Our flight loaded up and we took off around 5pm. The flight was 8 hours…Seth didn’t sleep a wink! Sera slept for about 30 minutes before she woke up in the throes of a night terror. I spent 20 minutes in the little airplane bathroom trying to wake her up and calm her down. We brought a large carryon bag with toys and things for the kids to do…we should have just filled it with food! The kids were both great for the most part and everyone around was sympathetic to the kids acting like kids.
It is amazing to me that they did not sleep at all….ALL DAY LONG! Almost 20 hours… I take that back…much to the amusement of our seatmates, the kids both fell asleep as the wheels were dropping down for landing. That made getting off the plane quite a challenge…we had to get all of our carryon items off the plane and two sleeping children who weigh only 35 and 42 pounds, but while sleeping weighed about 250 lbs each! Going through customs and getting our luggage was uneventful as well. Luckily, the first few hours of this trip were not a sign of what was to come!
The last ten minutes of the flight..
*Toilet humor ahead…read with caution!**
A funny for the day: Seth learned a valuable lesson about German plumbing today. 1. Some toilets are grey…that doesn’t mean they are dirty. 2. Seth was concerned that business wouldn’t not get taken care of because the product was not in the water. He was excited to find that it does indeed flush just like home!
On the agenda tomorrow: Wander around Garmisch and see the sights, go to first Christmas market of many, buy diapers!
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