A Different View

If you wander around the web, you will see some of the same photographs over and over again of popular travel spots.  Lately, I have been trying to take the typical shots just so I have them and then try to make a conscientious effort to take photographs from a different angle or view.  I was so excited to see this photo in my husband’s collection of photographs from his No Girls Allowed boy’s summer camp trip to Brazil.  Totally different from the shots that he brought home last year.


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Wanderfood Wednesday – A Home Cooked Meal in Brazil

Last week my husband took his annual trip to Brazil for a Brazilian Juijitsu camp.  His black belt instructor resides in Brazil and one of the perks of studying under this instructor is the chance to train in Brazil.  While they were there, they had the opportunity to indulge in many of the local dishes served.  Some of Daddy J’s favorite things were requeijao (a cheese), guarana (in carbonated form), and Skol (his beer of choice). 

But one of the favorite parts of the culinary side of the trip?  Visiting the instructor’s mom’s home for home cooked meals several times during the week.  They were able to immerse themselves in the language and food for the week and loved every minute of it.


The dish in the middle is a mashed potato and chicken type casserole that he said was amazing.  I think the men are trying to get the recipe!  Rice and beans were served with every meal.  The bottle in the back was called pimienta, an incredibly hot  hot sauce.  Apparently the bottle was full when the week started out.  (Please forgive me if I named or spelled anything wrong!)

This is where I write that I am jealous that he spent a week in Brazil!

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Dreaming of Brazil

Today, I am dreaming of Brazil.  My husband and I got back from our separate trips yesterday.  I have spent the past 10 days on a road trip with my two kids…sounds glamourous right?  Ha! Then you hear that my husband just got back from a guy’s trip to Brazil.  I am a tad bit green with envy because we spent last evening sharing pictures.  Mine of the Mayfield Dairy (which was a blast by the way) and my husband’s of the beautiful swirling ocean.  The next few weeks, I will be posting about the different activities that we both loved on our trips but today I leave you with the pictures that have me ready to buy a plane ticket to Brazil.





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