Fish River Tree Farm – Summerdale, Alabama


I have a fake tree.  It is a beautiful tree, but it is most definitely fake.  Oh, that fake tree didn’t enter this house without a fight.  Unfortunately, my husband and the fake tree won but I went down kicking and screaming!  We bought the tree the day after Christmas and my husband couldn’t have been happier taking the tree out of the box this year.  We didn’t fight over whether the tree was straight in the stand or not, we didn’t dump water all over our hardwood floors as we tried to feed it, and there were no pine needles to sweep or sap to clean.  On the one hand, the tree was much easier this year.  The jury is still out as to whether or not I am happy about the fake tree.  However, my consolation prize was a family field trip to Fish River Tree Farm in Summerdale, Alabama (just a few miles from the Foley Outlets!).


Fish River Trees is a beautiful tree farm where you can cut your own Christmas tree, purchase a tree already cut or purchase a tree grown in a container.  This farm is way bigger than I expected and is a great place for a holiday family outing.  There is a small train ride that takes you around the property while you enjoy your complimentary candy cane. 


After the train ride, pick up a hot chocolate and wander over to see Santa and two of his reindeer! 


The kids loved running around and exploring the different trees. 


My son thought it was fascinating that there were such teeny tiny trees right next to huge trees. 


If you are cutting your own tree, they have made the process very easy.  All the trees are already tagged with prices, you cut your tree, carry it to the cleaning and netting area, and then get the tree home to decorate! 


The train conductor told us that the tall tree in the picture below is 19 years old!




I am hoping that next year, my husband will cave and allow me to buy a container tree to plant in our front yard!

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