Hurricane Katrina Memorial


While in Biloxi, MS I made sure that we found the Hurricane Katrina Memorial located across the street from the Hard Rock Hotel.  The memorial is dedicated to the Gulf Coast victims of Hurricane Katrina.  It was part of an Extreme Home Makeover project and was unveiled in February of 2006.  There is a mosaic wave symbolizing Katrina’s storm surge and a glass case containing mementoes shared by residents of the Gulf Coast. 


There is also a beautiful sculpture carved from a tree.  There are over 50 of these sculptures carved from trees that were damaged during the hurricane.



Thank you to Debbie at Delicious Baby for hosting Photo Friday!

The Biloxi Shrimping Trip


When I emailed the Biloxi CVB for some family friendly activities, the email I got back said that I absolutely had to do the Biloxi Shrimping Trip.  We were only in Biloxi, Mississippi for one day and had several activities that we had to check out so I figured there was a good chance we were going to miss this boat trip. 


When we were about an hour away from Biloxi, I called to get the departure times and was pleased to learn that a boat would be departing about twenty minutes after we arrived.  We headed straight over there and made it just in time!


I am so glad we did not miss the Biloxi Shrimping Trip.  This was the highlight of our roadtrip for my children and they are still talking about it!   


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I’m with the Band!

This weekend was the First Annual Girls’ Night away. We headed over to Biloxi about 1.5 hours away. Stopping for coffee and a bathroom break once at the Mississippi/Alabama border, we made fantastic time, checked into the hotel, and got ready to roll. Because we waited so long to get our act together, we had to stay at the Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel. Both the Hard Rock and the Beau Rivage, our first and second choices, were booked. We were pleasantly surprised! Since the hurricane came through, Biloxi has been working at rebuilding and they are doing a great job. The streets on the “main drag” are still torn up and make for slow driving during prime cruising time, but for the most part Biloxi is coming back to life.

The Treasure Bay checked us in right away without any problems. Our room had a Gulf view (and a view of the air conditioning unit on the roof as pictured below). It was very clean and classy. The bathroom was the kind of bathroom that I would put in my own house. It was in a beautiful beige and black tile with a cool walk in shower. It was one of those showers with no doors. Everyone was extremely pleasant and helpful. There is a free 24 hour shuttle that will run you to and from any casino or tourist spot that you would like to go.

We headed to the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino for dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, where I had the tastiest hamburger I have had in awhile. After that we sat around and listened to the band play. We had a blast listening to Five Star Iris. After their set, we got to talk to them for a little while. Next time you are listening to a band in a small setting, sit close to the stage if you can stand the sound! You just might get to meet the band!