San Antonio Zoo – San Antonio, Texas


The San Antonio Zoo is probably one of our favorite zoos out of the ones that we have visited with our children.  The San Antonio Zoo has so many family friendly aspects and it kept our family busy the whole time we were there.  It was very hot but the zoo had lots of shady areas to attempt to keep cool.  Our only complaint is that when we went there was lots of zoo construction going on in a few areas.  We couldn’t even find our way down to see the elephants which made Little S very sad!  Luckily, we were able to spy them from a hill!  My favorite part of this zoo is their attempt to get kids thinking and interacting with the exhibits.  There are signs at many of the exhibits asking questions and prompting you to look at things. 


The kid-friendly areas are great.  There is a petting zoo where you can actually get in the pen with the animals.  At the petting zoo is a sink/soap station to wash up. 


The kids loved the Discovery House the best where they got to get up close and personal with Prairie Dogs and pretend bugs!  Little S could have walked back and forth on these lily pads all day!


The San Antonio Zoo is located adjacent to (or in?) Brackinridge Park.  We spent about 3 hours in the zoo and a little while in the park.  We didn’t see everything at the zoo, but I think that 3 hours was plenty of time.  We received tickets to the zoo as part of our S.A.V.E. San Antonio sweepstakes prize package but ticket prices are $10.00 for adults and $8.00 a child, I think that it is worth it and we would pay that price to visit again..

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Tomatillos – San Antonio, Texas


Tomatillos was our favorite discovery in San Antonio, Texas while we were there.  My husband traveled to San Antonio a few years ago and his coworkers took him to this restaurant that he raved about.  Luckily, he remembered the name and we found out that it was just a few minutes away from where we were staying.  We loved our meal so much the first night that we went back the next night for dinner!  Look at this spread!


The best part of the meal was the kid’s menu.  There are lots of choices for the kids but my kids only eat rice and beans at this type of restaurant.  For $2, you can get this huge plate of rice and beans and all you can eat tortillas.


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Six Flags Fiesta Texas with Young Children

Six Flags Fiesta Texas was one of the things that surprised us most about our vacation to San Antonio, Texas.  We were most surprised because it really is little children friendly as well as perfect for the tweens, teens and adults if you like amusement park.  As I have gotten older, I look at the rides a bit more warily than I used to when I would jump in line and wait for that adrenaline rush you can only get from a roller coaster (or maybe flying a jet?!). 

We received complimentary tickets to Six Flags Fiesta Texas as part of the S.A.V.E San Antonio Sweepstakes that we won.  We were excited to go because spending the hundreds of dollars on an amusement park when your children are only 3 and 5 seems a little ridiculous.  This way, we got to go and enjoy the park without spending too much money!

Six Flags Fiesta was suprisingly friendly for younger children but you have to make your way past all the excitement and scary rides located at the front of the park.  Of course, the first ride we hit was a small roller coaster that my son could go on but my daughter couldn’t.  This was not good for family relations!

We continued towards the back of the park where we found Wiggles World!  Brightly colored rides, a small splash area, and lots of little children running around told us that we found the right place!  We spent about two hours moving from ride to ride that both my children could go on.  There were a couple of rides that an adult had to ride with my 3 year old because of height restrictions.  While in Wiggles World we rode in a gigantic strawberry:


We caught a Wiggles show:


We rode the Big Red Car:


And we splashed around:


We also spent a lot of time in the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk section which is kid friendly as well.  There is a ferris wheel, the Scooby Doo ride, and the Tony Hawk ride (which I most certainly did not ride!).

There is also a water park attached to Six Flags Fiesta Texas.  If looks like the only way to enter the water park is through the main park.  Water park admission is included with your Six Flags ticket purchase.  When I looked at the website before we went, I didn’t notice that water park admission was included.  To be honest, the only reason my kids were in their swimsuits was because I didn’t want to listen to them complain if they got hot or couldn’t splash around.  So many amusement parks and zoos have little splash pad areas and I didn’t want to get caught without a swimsuit for them!  My husband and I did not have our swimsuits though so there was much that the kids couldn’t do because we couldn’t go either.

Overall, we had a good time and would probably go back if we were in the area.  It wasn’t too terribly crowded, the kids had a blast, and went to bed very early that night!

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • Don’t forget your swimsuits if you would like to go to the waterpark part too.  The waterpark is separate so you could avoid it if you wish.
  • Be prepared to walk.  Most of the activities for the younger children are located in the back of the park.  The water park area for the younger kids is also in the back of the water park.

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San Antonio Missions National Park – San Antonio, Texas


Most people think of the Alamo when they think of San Antonio but luckily, thanks to the blog Wandering Off, I discovered that there are several other missions located in San Antonio.  Beautiful missions that still hold church services surrounded by beautiful plant life.  If you do visit San Antonio Missions National Park, be sure to stop at the Visitor Center which is located at  Mission San Jose and pick up a Junior Ranger Booklet.  As you visit each of the missions, your children can fill out the booklet and bring it back to the Visitor Center at the end. 

You can take a guided tour but with our small children we decided that it wasn’t wise to sign up for an all day guided tour.  We just grabbed a booklet and did a self-guided tour.  You do have to drive to each Mission because they are not close enough to walk.  We did see lots of bike riders as well.  One thing I would like to note here is that there was a lot of road construction going on when we visited.  We found the first three missions quickly and easily but it took us about 30 minutes to find a way to the fourth mission because of all the detours and closed roads. 










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Alamo Pizza – San Antonio, Texas

I have two favorite food tips when traveling as a family.  The first is to pack a lunch and when that is not possible, order pizza for a treat!!  You can eat it in your hotel room if you want.  You don’t need anything but a napkin to eat it (unless you have to have a fork!).  You can feed a family of four for 10-18 dollars, which I can’t even do at McDonald’s anymore. 

After a long day of sightseeing and running around, we were exhausted.  Our kids were showing every sign that they were done and were not having any more Forced Family Fun.  We decided to get a pizza but the pizza place that was recommended to us was closed so we had to come up with a backup plan.  I came across a link to Alamo Pizza.  The website said that it was recently awarded San Antonio’s Best San Antonio Style Pizza.  How could we not try it?

We were surprised when we pulled up to this little building because the website made me think it was a chain type restaurant.  Had I explored the locations link, I would have seen that there were only two locations!

alamo pizza

As soon as the door opened, we heard knew we had picked the right place.  It was teeming with locals speaking several different languages but acting as one community.  We walked up to order our pizza as the customers smiled at our children.  That is when my son chose to punch his little sister, thus ensuing a meltdown.  My husband took the kids out to the car while I ordered the pizza to go.  While I waited in the restaurant, my husband waited in the car with the kids.  I was asked several times if we needed anything during the 20m we waited for our pizza. 

The pizza came out and I was given several little packets of red peppers and paremsan already pre-packaged.  That made my heart sing! 

We made the quick trip back to the hotel while the car filled with the smell of pizza.  When we got back to the hotel, we knew that it was totally worth the trip:

alamo pizza1

This was one of the best tasting pizzas I have ever had.  Ever.

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Bridges of the Riverwalk

While in San Antonio, Texas, we did a boat tour of the Riverwalk.  My husband and I have both been on the tour but the kids were excited about the boat ride so we bought tickets and took the tour again.  One of the things I loved seeing were all of the different bridges.  I thought it was interesting that almost every bridge was different and it was one thing that the tour operator never talked about (I don’t think!).  I wasn’t able to get pictures of every bridge because we didn’t have the best seats.







The Riverwalk tours are $8.25 an adult and $2 for children.  The tour is about 35 minutes long which was about 12 minutes too long for my kids. 

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The Guenther House – San Antonio, TX

As I drove up to The Guenther House, I had the unsettling feeling you get when you are putting yourself into a new situation or meeting new people.  I was a little bit nervous and it just got worse as I tried to locate the actual parking lot to the building.  I was at the Guenther House with my two children to meet up with what my husband affectionately calls my imaginary friends. 


Sarah, from Wandering Off, couldn’t have picked a better place to meet up.  I had read about the Guenther House on her blog when we were planning our San Antonio trip and was excited to give it a try.  It is the home of the Pioneer Flour Mills’ founding family and the grounds are just beautiful. 


You have the option of dining inside or out, but unfortunately even though we were eating brunch on a weekday the wait was almost 2 hours.  Luckily, motherhood and lots of traveling with kids has taught us to be flexible if nothing else!!!  🙂  We decided to just grab a pastry inside at the little counter and head to a shady area under a tree.  The kids got along well and ran around in the grass while Sarah and I got to have a proper chat.  I ordered a cinnamon roll and a slice of coffee cake.  Take a look at this cinnamon roll (my two kids and I couldn’t even finish it!):


And those nervous feelings?  They disappeared the minute we said hello.  There is nothing like a little bit of food, a gorgeous setting, and children to help break the ice!  It was like talking to an old friend.  If you haven’t seen Sarah’s blog, Wandering Off, you definitely need to head over there.  Right now!

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