Sleepy Hole – Suffolk, Virginia


Some of my fondest memories of traveling with my children are from when we came across a park or a large patch of grass where they could run around and just be exactly who they are…kids. No one telling them to keep their hands to themselves. No one telling them to use their inside voices. Some of my favorite memories: running through the grass and gravel walks at Schloss Hellbrun in Salzburg; Big S learning to crawl in the ruins at Trier, Germany; sliding through the snow and ice in the Olympic ski jump area in Garmisch, Germany; skipping around the giant cow at the Braselton Mayfield Dairy.


When we were in Suffolk, Virginia during the month of February, we were trapped in the house for a few days by sleet and snow. Because the area doesn’t get much snow as a general rule, everything pretty much shut down. Once the weather cleared, we went exploring and found a park that my sister often talked about.


Sleepy Hole is a gem! We ran around for hours until our noses were pink and we could barely feel our fingers and toes.  We explored the nature trails, played on the park and ran around until we were laughing so hard we couldn’t stand any longer.   Afterwards, we went home and made hot chocolate.  We collapsed in exhaustion and giggled about how much fun we had.




How can you not smile when you see joy like this?


For an added Friday photo, I had to share this picture.  Little S had the worst static electricity the entire time we were in Virginia.  Her hair was always standing on end!  It was hilarious!


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Suffolk Family Vacation

Suffolk Peanuts – Suffolk, Virginia

peanut1 (Small)

I found out that my sister has moved to the birthplace of Mr. Peanut, the mascot of Planters Peanuts.  I made it my mission to find Mr. Peanut and a peanut factory to tour while we were in Suffolk.  I knew my kids would get a kick out of it as we love peanut butter!  Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find a roasting plant in the area.  If you know of one, please forward me the information!


We did find a great little Planters Peanut retailer called Suffolk Peanuts.  As soon as you open the door, you can smell the peanuts roasting.  They have one of the original roasters and there is a very small Mr. Peanut in the corner!


Of course we had to buy a burlap bag of peanuts, salted in the shell!

peanut (Small)

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