Buffalo in Yellowstone

Now that the bad memories of our trip to Yellowstone have somewhat faded, I think I am ready to begin sharing some tips and things to know before you go.  There wasn’t any major event that made the trip a traumatic experience for all of us but there were many incidences that added up quickly.

I am also thinking about making another trip back there some day.  Now that my kids are older, I know they would love to explore and see the buffalo.  My husband probably thinks I am crazy since the trip through Yellowstone qualifies as our worst trip ever.

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Thermopolis and Snake River

While I have been trying to meet a deadline at my “real” job, I have been working 14 hour days and have had to take a week long hiatus from my unpaid bloggy blog. I’m baaaaaack!!

For Photo Friday this week, I am breaking out some pictures from the vault! Last summer we headed to Wyoming (see related posts about Hell’s Half Acre and the buffalo of Yellowstone). We visited Cody, Casper, and Yellowstone, as well as Denver, CO. On our way back to Casper where we were visiting family, we stopped in a little town called Thermopolis for a driving break. At this point, the kids had been in the car for 16 hours straight with a hotel break in the middle…Yellowstone is HUGE (that will be another miserable post later this week…let’s just say we will always rent a minivan from now on!). Thermopolis was right in the middle of Casper and Cody. Thermopolis is famous for their hot springs and dinosaurs. They are still completing archeological digs and finding dinosaurs in the land. We took a break to wander through the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, modest but full of information. The Dinosaur Center would probably not keep a teenager busy for more than 20 minutes, but my 2 and 4 year old had a blast! It only takes about 30 minutes to walk through the exhibits. You can pay a little extra to take a bus tour to the dig sites. We decided not to experience this because our children might have disowned us if we put them back into a moving vehicle at that point. There is a very small cafe where we enjoyed a soda and let the kids play on the rocking Triceratops! It was a nice break and the kids were very happy the rest of the way to Casper! We drove along the Snake River for most of the last leg home.

Real teepees along the Snake River! Probably not real, but Seth thought they were cool!

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Photo Friday!

For this week’s Photo Friday at Delicious Baby, I have decided to take a break from our Europe adventure (we certainly have enough Europe stories to continue posting all year!) and share a little piece of Wyoming!

On our summer road trip through Wyoming, we pulled over to take a look at this awesome sight. It looks like it just doesn’t belong there. Hell’s Half Acre is kind of like the Badlands. It is a 150 ft deep gorge where Native Americans slaughtered herds and herds of bison. It is also where Starship Troopers was partly filmed.

Unfortunately, the tourist attraction (a restaurant and info booth) is closed and Hell’s Half Acre is fenced off so you can’t see very much without trespassing…at least that is how we felt. Of course, if you are traveling with kids you won’t want to get to close anyway! We were able to read about the area because the information sign is still standing and snap a few pictures before continuing on to Jackson Hole.

Photo Friday

Last summer we took the kids to Wyoming and headed to Yellowstone. These are a few pictures of the amazing buffao that you can see all over the park!

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