HTC Rhyme vs. my DSLR

The HTC Rhyme is a compact cell phone that has a fantastic camera on it. This camera is so great that if the company let me keep the phone, I would halt my search for the perfect point and shoot camera. A search which, by the way, has been perplexing me for months. While exploring the Disney Fantasy, I got to review this camera…I mean cell phone.

The camera has a number of settings that help you take beautiful pictures while on vacation or just out and about in your own town. You can adjust the ISO, white balance, resolution, and more. You can auto upload your pictures to Facebook or Flickr.  There are scenes that you can choose from like portrait and landscape. There is an action burst setting that takes five pictures, one right after the other to help you capture those perfect sports pictures. There is an option for close-up and low light. There seems to be an option for just about everything. My favorite setting to try was the panoramic.

You can also choose from several effects that will change the look of your picture such as distortion, grayscale, sepia and more.

The pictures looked pretty great in the phone and it was nice to have a small camera to use when I didn’t want to carry around my DSLR but I wanted to see how the two stacked up against each other.

To do that, I took a number of pictures with both the HTC Rhyme and my DSLR (with a 28-80mm lens) while standing in the same spot. These are all straight out of the camera or phone with the automatic function. There was no post-processing (besides adjusting the image size). Can you tell which picture was taken with the cell phone and which was taken with the camera.

Taken with the HTC Rhyme

Taken with my camera

Taken with the HTC Rhyme

Taken with my camera

Taken with the HTC Rhyme

Taken with my camera

Taken with the HTC Rhyme

Taken with my camera

I should probably disclose that I am already an Android fan and for the past two years my phone has been a Droid. As for the phone features, I didn’t make any phone calls with it but I did set up the WiFi while on the ship. I was able to pull up a search page, check email and send out a tweet on it.

It sounds great doesn’t? The BIG downside?

The phone does not have a slide out keypad, which is something I depend on greatly.

It does however take a pretty decent self-portrait…or at least one that I like enough to share on my site. Don’t I look all relaxed from my working vacation?!

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*This post is sponsored by HTC. Thank you to HTC and for giving me the HTC Rhyme to try. I will be returning the phone to the company next week.  Thank you to Disney and Traveling Mom for providing my cruise accommodations. I paid for travel there and back as well as other expenses. As always, opinions are mine and mine alone.

50’s Prime Time Cafe – Disney World’s Hollywood Studios

The 50’s Prime Time Cafe is set up like mom’s kitchen…complete with curtains on the windows, black and white televisions, and tasty dishes just like mom would make.  You will find pot roast, meatloaf, fried chicken, chicken noodle soup and tuna casserole on the menu!

The waiters and waitresses are absolutely hilarious.  They make sure you know that your elbows do not belong on the table.  Be careful because if you are caught with your elbows on the table more than once you will be punished!  My husband had to stand up with his nose in a corner!  It is all in good fun and we all had a laugh at my husband’s expense.  When your plate is clean, you get a Clean Plate Club sticker!

Our kids thought the best part of the meal was when it was time to pick our dessert.  This is the dessert menu:

We were able to recharge with food, cool off in the air conditioning and as soon as we were done with dessert we were ready to stand in line for another ride!

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Orlando Family Vacation on raveable

Life’s Little Disappointments Redeemed

Although their Jedi Training at Disney World’s Hollywood Studios got rained out before they could even yield a light saber, the disappointment was quickly wiped off of their faces when they found out they were going to meet Darth Vader and his Storm Trooper anyway!

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Sometimes, it just won’t budge!

When I was flipping through pictures from our Disney trip, I laughed out loud when I came across this one (taken by my mom).  The two cousins were trying as hard as they might to get that Sword in the Stone out but it just wouldn’t budge!  The Sword in the Stone was one of my favorite movies growing up.  I am going to have to pick it up next time I go to the store if it is still available!


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Five Ways to Save While at Disney World


 A trip to Disney World is expensive no matter how you look at it but after making several trips over the past few years, we have figured out a couple of ways to save a few dollars.

Stay off site.

Depending on the time of year, staying off of the Disney grounds may help save a few dollars…or a lot of dollars.  When calculating savings, be sure to factor in the parking fees that you will have to pay for each day that you drive to the parks.  Check the Disney Value Resort prices because sometimes the prices are similar to an offsite hotel and you will get the benefits that come with staying at a Disney property.

Stop by Walmart or Target before heading to the parks.

Both Walmart and Target have large Disney souvenir sections with totes, towels, magnets, stuffed animals and more.  We always make a stop to purchase a few souvenirs so that we don’t hear the “I want that” phrase all day long.  We might still pick something up at the park if one of those stores doesn’t carry it, but we have done our research and know how much it will cost. 

Share meals.

There is nothing that irritates me more than buying a meal for each of my children when they don’t eat it.  Or they eat half of it and could have shared a meal.  When I posted on Twitter for some last minute Disney tips, one of my friends sent this one and I totally agree with her.  The food is pricey but plentiful.  Start with one order of chicken nuggets and french fries or one sandwich, split it.  If everyone is still hungry, order more but at least you know it will get eaten!

Bring your own drinks.

Visitors to Disney World are allowed to bring soft sided coolers if they wish.  If you don’t mind keeping track of a cooler bag all day, load it up with ice, waters, juice, sodas, and more to keep you hydrated all day long.  Another option is to bring a Camelbak pack or something similar.  The kids love to wear our Camelbak.  Not only is it a source of water but it can also be a source of entertainment in long lines!

Bring your own poncho.

It always rains at Disney.  I have been to Disney World at all different times of the year and it has rained everytime we go.  The first time it rained, we got stuck buying the 10-15 dollar ponchos with the giant Mickey head on the back.  Now, we bring dollar store ponchos to throw on if we need to.  An umbrella would work as well but is bulkier and a pain to carry around.  Think of the ponchos as an insurance policy.  If you have them in your bag, maybe you won’t need them!

Have you been to Disney World lately?  How did you save a few dollars on your vacation?

It always rains at Disney!

At least on our Disney trips!  This was a picture I snapped while we were running from one indoor ride to another because it rained and rained for about an hour.  We packed the dollar ponchos as our insurance policy to keep the rain away.  Unfortunately, we had to use them!

disney rain

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Splurging on a Disney Property

Always one to save money while traveling, we have avoided staying at a Disney property (with the exception of one trip several years ago) when in Orlando.  I never saw what was so exciting about a Disney property and I could never justify spending the money.  On my Traveling Mom retreat, we stayed at the Animal Kingdom Lodge and I learned that I was wrong!  Read my post on Traveling Mom as to why I think splurging on a Disney property during your Disney vacation is well worth it!

Saving Money on Disney Souvenirs

I am headed to Orlando this month without my family for a working trip.  We head to Orlando at least once or twice a year because we live so close.  It is easy for us to book a weekend at an inexpensive hotel and spend one day at Disney.  Our Disney trips are not necessarily the week-long dream vacations but we like it that way.  Living nearby gives us the luxury of being able to visit Disney without breaking the bank.  Sometimes we travel to Orlando and skip the theme parks completely and just spend an afternoon at Downtown Disney.  It gives us a chance to see what else Orlando has to offer. 

Disney is the land of souvenirs and it is hard to get out of that place without making a purchase whether it be a stuffed animal, a princess dress, or Mickey ears.  There are some things that you can only purchase at the theme parks but if you aren’t picky, head to the local Walmarts or Targets.  Both stores carry a large amount of Disney trademarked items included bags, hats, shirts, water bottles, and so much more at a fraction of the cost!

disney walmart

I will definitely be stopping by one of these stores to pick up a little treat to take home to my kids!


My 3 year old daughter can spy a carousel a mile away.  Before the carousel is even in sight, it is like she has a 6th sense…the carousel sense.  She can hear that distinct sound that immediately makes you think of carousels.  She can see the beautifully painted “horsies” spinning around in a circle.  We have been on carousels all over the world, however this is a perfect time to remind myself that I need to sit down and organize years worth of digital pictures that are in folders with names like Mem Card 1 or New Folder217 instead of Washington DC and Vienna, Austria!  Of the many carousels we have been on, here are a few of the pictures that I could find!


The carousel in Washington DC on the Mall (and possibly the fastest we have been on!)

pier park 

Little S can find carousels in shopping malls too!  This is the carousel at Pier Park in Panama City Beach, FL.

downtown disney

Did you know there was a carousel at Downtown Disney?  We have been to Downtown Disney three times but this last time was the first with my daughter.  I hadn’t seen a carousel before, but she has no problem finding it! (And this is probably the slowest carousel we have been on)


This carousel in Hampton, Virginia is located next to the Virginia Air and Space Center.  We were leaving the museum and much to my surprise my daughter took off towards this building.  That is her at the very front!


This is what we found inside the building!

Carousels, parks, and water features are things that my kids can spot a million miles away when we are traveling.  What do your kids always tend to locate?

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