Let it Snow – Foley, Alabama

This is the closest that we will get to snow this year. 


Last year we were sledding down mountains of real snow in Germany.  It snowed on Christmas morning, the kids went sledding every day and my husband was able to ski as often as he wished.  This year, we are staying in sunny Florida where yesterday it was 78 degrees and I turned on the air conditioner.  Seriously…the air conditioner.  Today it did drop down to the 50’s so the air went off but we have no hope of seeing snow this year although I do have to admit we had little snowflakes fall a few years ago…they just didn’t hit the ground! 

Last weekend we headed to Foley, Alabama to check out Fish River Tree Christmas Farm and see snow at the annual Let it Snow event.  Yes…in the deep south we got to see snow.  It was man-made snow…more like ice chunks, but it was great big fun for the kids!  There was a children’s village, food, and performers.  The kids thought it was fantastic and we enjoyed seeing them play in the snow.  This is what snow in the south looks like!




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