Mayfield Dairy – Braselton, Georgia

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When researching our road trip, I headed to PitStops for Kids to see if there were any exciting finds right off of the interstates that we were going to be on.  Mayfield Dairy caught my attention, because everyone in our family likes ice cream!  We got a late start from our house, drove about 6 hours and decided to look for a hotel around 11pm…this put us right in the middle of the little town of Braseltown, Georgia!  As we pulled off the interstate, we passed a sign pointing to the Mayfield Dairy!  We decided to head over the next day before we made the rest of the drive to Virginia (about 8 more hours). 

The Mayfield Dairy is a short factory tour.  The tour starts in a little room where you watch a short video about the dairy.  Then everybody gets to don a hairnet (and for the sake of this blog and Photo Friday I am actually posting the picture here!). 

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My son was not happy about this but when he found out that he couldn’t go on the tour without it he tolerated it.  After everyone is suited up, you head into the factory.  The two missing items that I thought I might get to see?  Cows and ice cream.  No cows-the milk is brought in and then bottled.  No ice cream-ice cream is made in the other plants, not the Braselton one.  The tour was still great.  The kids loved to watch the milk jugs spin all around the rooms and they do sell ice cream at the end.  The ice cream is cheap – $2 a cup! 

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Plan on spending about an hour if you are going to take the tour!

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