Boyd’s Bear Country – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

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On our massive Virginia road trip, I drove the kids up to Hershey, Pennsylvania to meet up with an old friend.  We visited Chocolate World (I have coined the trip Chocolate Disaster…that is for another post, another day!) and on the way home, we stopped for a potty break at Boyd’s Bear Country in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  When we stop for bathroom breaks, we try to avoid gas stations.  With small children, there is no easy way to keep your little ones from touching all sorts of nasty things in the bathroom.  By stopping at touristy places such as Boyd’s Bear Country, usually we can find a clean enough restroom that doesn’t make me cringe when I open the door. 

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After racing the little ones to the restroom (which was incredibly clean!), we wandered around a little bit.  I chose to stop here because the potty break timed well as we were driving past.  I wish that we had been able to spend a little bit more time here because the kids had a blast.  Everywhere you turn there was a Boyd’s Bear, mouse, moose, etc. 

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There is a restaurant where you can get a country buffet meal.  There were some great spots for the kids to wander as well.  The kid’s activities include an Adopt-a-Bear program and a place where you can actually make your own Boyd’s Bear.  Oh yeah…the fudge is divine!

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