Logo Nerds

Recently, I read an article titled Three Problems that Make Me Leave Your Blog in Three Seconds over at ProBlogger.  One of the suggestions to improve the look of your blog was to “at least get a logo designed” if you couldn’t afford a custom theme.  As I said the other day, this blog has just been sitting unfinished…updated posts but unfinished look partly because I couldn’t afford a new logo or look that I liked.  The article suggested googling cheap logos so I did.  Go figure…lots of cheap logo places popped up on the list.

I explored several of the logo sites and decided to go with Logo Nerds because I liked some of their logos and was pleased with the price: $27.  If I hated the logo and was not able to get a refund, then $27 would not be that big of a deal (it would still make me sad though!). 

When you purchase a logo design, you fill out their form and pay immediately.  I had an idea of what I wanted but I still wasn’t entirely sure.  I would write one thing and then contradict myself in another section of the form.  For example, I knew that I didn’t like cartoon characters (you know…the caricature looking ones?) but I was okay with cartoon characters as long as you couldn’t see their face.  In my mind, I was picturing two kids holding a map where all you could see was the map and the kids’ feet.  After submitting your form and payment, you will receive three logo concepts to choose one from in 3-5 business days.  I received mine on the 5th business day.

All three concepts were great.  The first concept was exactly what I wanted…two kids holding a map.  I was surprised though when my eye was drawn to the second choice.  I loved the second one (which is the logo I have now) but I just couldn’t get past the yellow color that they used.  I sent it back for revision (free revisions are included in the $27 price) with the request to change the yellow words to the green used in another concept.  It took about four days to get the revisions back but I am SO pleased with the final product.


Overall, I would recommend Logo Nerds to anyone who is looking for a logo at a cheap price.  I was so pleased with the final product and the steps it took to get there that I am planning on having them design a logo for my Pensacola with Kids blog.